“Your Kitchen...Our Expertise”
  Deluxe White Glove Service
Appliance Alliance delivery/installation teams are specially trained to make sure that the greatest care is taken with every appliance we install. Our goal of complete satisfaction covers every aspect of the transaction. From the initial pre-site to the final delivery and installation.
We'll get it right the first time, so that your schedule can stay on schedule!
Ownership with mantra of excellence--- ownership with an outstanding history? Appliance Alliance comes with over a quarter of a century of experience in providing excellent customer service in appliance logistics and installation. AAI Florida's FIRST high end appliance installation company. Is well prepared to offer the best delivery, installation and service to every customer.
AAI will provide you a written estimate for any custom work prior to any installation, and AAI will not deviate from that estimate unless there is additional work that we not foreseeable at the time of our inspection.
AAI works closely with a local metal fabrication company that is able to modify or fabricate sheet metal and stainless steel needed for any application. Whether it is cutting the finished edge of your hood’s duct cover, or custom designing and cutting stainless steel filler strips, AAI will measure what is required, have the metal work completed, and delivery and install it in your home.
> All installers are factory trained by appliance manufacturers.
> Increase your warranty by many manufacturers parts and labor such as Sub Zero, Wolf.
> 1 Year Warranty on All Installations
> Fully Licensed and Insured
> Florida LP and Natural Gas License #
> Factory Trained and Certified Installers
> Drug Testing & Background Checks on All Installers
> Family Owned and Operated since 1979
> All Extended Warranties are e filed for you
> Site inspection to insure site readiness for installation
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